What Does Subtidal Studios Do?

Subtidal Studios is a small company with a huge passion for music and film. We create original scores, songs and stings for films as well as all other types of media, seeing it through from the first stages of writing through the final stages of dubbing.


With our growing roster of talented composers, songwriters and bands, we're able to accommodate a vast array of music needs for film, television, broadcast, gaming and web.

Why choose Subtidal Studios?

  Our favorite movies, shows, games and sites all have this one thing in common:

Evocative music which bolsters the images on screen.

That's exactly what we're here to provide. We aim to underscore the emotional impact of every scene and help production teams fully realize their vision, on budget and on time. 


But what sets us apart from other music houses is that we customize every project, providing a personal experience and precise product. We'll help you source exactly what you're looking for and modify it to the scope and sequence required.

Who Does Subtidal Studios Work With?

These folks have worked with us. You should too.

"Subtidal Studios is a real gift to content creators. Working with them is not like dealing with an average stock music licensing agency; it's more like having your favorite band create custom scores and songs for your projects. Whether I'm working on a commercial spot, web series, or personal project, Subtidal is my first call."

-Matt Bookman, Director - Bon Appétempt

"Subtidal's score and original songs for Sweeto Bandito enhanced the film far beyond my original vision, and provided an entirely new level of weight and intensity to the viewer's experience. I'll work with them any time I can get them."

-Dan Brown, Director

"When we got the final track from Subtidal and listened to it, everyone's eyes lit up. It was exactly what the video needed. Even if Rick were my enemy, he'd still be my first choice for music."

-Rob Doerzbacher, Senior Copywriter at Woodbine