Wesafari is the main contributor of songs for Subtidal Studios. Somewhere between a collective and a band, Wesafari sources a broad range of influences and experience to contribute compelling, expansive songwriting to diverse projects.


Wesafari’s unique sound and eclectic arrangements have been heard on radio and in venues throughout the states, blending accessible pop, experimental rock and vocal-heavy folk. Think Justin Timberlake meets Radiohead meets Wilco.


Over the last 15 years, Wesafari has evolved from solo Boston bedroom recordings to a bi-coastal music collective. The group performed live regularly for a decade, primarily on the West Coast as a four-piece rock band with an ever-changing roster of players. Their dynamic, instrument-swapping performances set them apart from the average rock show and their recordings feature colorful vocal harmonies and distinctive instrumentation including guitars, drums, synths, and ethnic instruments.


Sea Survivors - 2010

recorded and mixed by wesafari

mastered by Andy Wright


"Wesafari play rather sparse music, but each note played is so lush. They need to be heard to be understood. Lot’s of movement, layered with gritty guitars, smooth key riffs, and great vocal stylings."

- SSG Music


Moss Green EP – 2007 
recorded and mixed by wesafari
mastered by Matt Brown 

"The space-tundra sound is still intact, frolicking with flawless atmospheric pop sensibility. Maybe the magic touch will spread to this insanely deserving band."

LinesThroughLines Blog     

Alaska – 2005

recorded and mixed by wesafari
mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI, Seattle

"...well-developed and delicate pop songs, made up of complex arrangements and crafty layering. Recorded in 10 different locations and featuring 63 different instruments. An enchanting debut from an extremely promising band."

- Michael Ardaiolo, Wikia

Press for Wesafari

"Wesafari has been alive for over a decade now, and has taken many forms in the process. The common line, though, has been the solid songwriting of Rick Wright, who has been backed by various lineups. Wesafari draws influences from the folk of CSNY, the pop of The Beatles, and the infectious dance beats of Caribou and Ratatat. Since transplanting to Seattle from the eastern coast, Wesafari has released an album and EP, both to critical praise, and played with bands such as Grizzly Bear, Deerhunter, Mogwai, and The Silversun Pickups. The band is releasing its second full length record, Sea Survivors, next month."

- Nick Hartrich, The Roost 

"Local rock outfit Wesafari will be at Chop Suey this Sunday to ignite the stage with their synth driven indie pop. These guys have a lot of energy and put on a great show. Their music has lot’s of movement, is layered with gritty guitars, smooth key riffs, and great vocal stylings. Fresh out of the studio where they have been laying down tracks for their up coming album Sea Survivors, you can expect them to unleash some serious pent up energy onto the stage. It should be a great night of music as they will be sharing the stage with Jen Wood (See Below ) and New Roman Times. Make sure you get there early to support all three acts, it’s going to be a great night."

Billy McManus, SSG Music 

"Wesafari, also from Seattle, have an album coming out this summer tentatively titled Sea Survivors. Wesafari play rather sparse music, but each note played is so lush. They need to be heard to be understood. The male and female interplay in the vocals is yet another aspect that adds to their uniqueness."

- SSG Music 

Isafari, yousafari, WESAFARI.
"It's time to revisit Wesafari for the following reasons: 1. It's always time to revisit Wesafari. 2. It's been nearly 1.75 years since the release of this amazing record Alaska. 3. They are not yet a global phenomenon and should be. Records like this one do not fall off trees. Unfortunately, they also do not fly off record store shelves (mostly because you can't find it on the East Coast, to my knowledge). Entirely self-produced and distributed, Wesafari is relatively unknown in their own hometown of Seattle."

Lines Through Lines Blog 

"This Seattle quartet has released a strong debut of lush atmospheric rock. When I saw them play live, they stripped down to their pjs. Who knew rock could be this adorable?" 
- Rachel, KEXP  - KEXP's Song of the Day


"It doesn’t matter if you are reviewing new albums by 10 of your favorite artists, the most surprising and fascinating records are always the debut album by some unknown band from some unknown place. This time it is the brainchild of Rick Wright, simply known as Wesafari. By blending electronic and acoustic elements, they have created what they dub, “Space Tundra: post-rock with electronic sensibility.” This translates to lengthy, well-developed and delicate pop songs that are made up of complex arrangements and crafty layering. In fact the album was recorded in 10 different locations and features 63 different instruments, which includes everything from trumpets and nyckleharpes to beatboxing and mailing tubes. The final result is an enchanting debut album from an extremely promising band, think Menomena meets Radiohead." 
- Michael Ardaiolo, Wikia 

"Wesafari is a band from Seattle using an immensely eclectic arsenal of instruments, fashioning their music into a busy, yet sculptural presence that feels strangely cold. A complex if sometimes benign concoction of folky, gentle electro, and harmony happy pop influences, their mellow, cinematic cubes of songs might serve as respite for our mysteriously heated turbo-Spring." 
Portland Mercury 

"Wesafari's release [Alaska], picked at random from the new rotation in February, is what made me first realize that 2005 was going to be the year for music. It's so different from anything I'd heard recently - expansive, expressive, disjointed, and never any clear hint of what was to come next. I'm glad to see that we weren't disappointed with the 10 months that came afterwards."

Indie Jake’s Short Lists, WUVT  - Best WUVT Rotation find of 2005.