Rick Wright

Rick Wright is the chief composer at Subtidal Studios. After twenty years of writing and recording his own music, releasing a number of critically acclaimed albums as a solo artist and band leader, and providing music and sound design for films and commercials, he established Subtidal Studios as a consolidated brand for his music output.


Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Wright played in punk rock bands The Reagan Squad and Anti-Flag. His next stop was Boston in 1997 to attend Berklee College of Music where he received a bachelors in Music Business in 2001. He then built his professional music career composing and producing for clients like Microsoft and BlackBerry as well as for numerous independent businesses and artists. During that time, he also released a string of albums and performed along the West Coast from home-bases in Los Angeles and Seattle.


With an insatiable curiosity to explore any instrument he can get his hands on, Wright has studied vocal performance, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards for twenty years as well as a multitude of brass, woodwind and stringed instruments, music history, theory and orchestration. He incorporates unconventional sounds and world instruments in his arrangements to create very distinctive yet accessible compositions. Some of his biggest inspirations include Cliff Martinez, Arvo Part, Thomas Newman, Steve Reich, Jon Hopkins, and Hanz Zimmer.

"Rick Wright is not only a master musician, but he has an uncanny-- maybe genius-level-- understanding of how sound and image complement one another. His score and original songs for Sweeto Bandito enhanced the film far beyond my original vision, and provided an entirely new level of weight and intensity to the viewer's experience. He just gets it, and I'll work with him any time I can get him. On top of his profound talent, he is a genuinely decent and reliable guy with an insane work ethic and a deep love of creating."

-Dan Brown, Director of Sweeto Bandito

"Over the past 15 years, I've turned to Rick for scores and songs more times than I can count. His back-catalog of songs is a treasure chest that I routinely raid for my web series and ongoing projects. Rick's music, which ranges from ambient moody scores to earnest pop songs, has always added an essential layer to my projects, and whether I'm working on a commercial spot, web series, or personal project, Rick is my first call. He's an immense talent and a true collaborator."

-Matt Bookman, Director of Bon Appétempt

"When we got the final track from Subtidal and listened to it, everyone's eyes lit up. It was exactly what the video needed. Even if Rick were my enemy, he'd still be my first choice for music."

-Rob Doerzbacher, Senior Copywriter at Woodbine